WW2 German WH (Heer) Panzer NCO’s M35 Dress Tunic


WW2 German WH (Heer) Panzer NCO’s M35 Dress Tunic.

WH (Heer) Panzer Dress Tunic (Wehrmacht Parade-Waffenrock) as intended for an ‘Unteroffizier’ within the ‘Panzer Regiment. Formerly from Panzer regiment 2 as can be seen on the removed numeral on the schoulderboards. The M35 dress tunic was introduced for wear by all ranks on 29 June 1935 as the walking out, parade and ceremonial dress with the piped, stone grey long pants. The design of the M35 dress tunic was based on the Imperial German army’s service tunic. Originally all personnel were issued two M35 dress tunics but manufacture was discontinued somewhere around 1940 as a result of the war. The different branches of service within the German army were allocated a particular identifying ‘Waffenfarbe’ (branch of service) color, this tunic is piped in pink (Rosa) as intended for a soldier within a Panzer unit. The tunic is showing an original applied hand-embroidered breast-eagle, the tunic is complete with a pair of collar-tabs and a pair of original sew-in shoulder boards, the shoulder boards are showing the unstitched number 2 ‘ indicating an ‘Unteroffizier’ formerly the ‘Panzer-Regiment 2. The tunic is not visible maker marked or named, but size markings aswell depot is visible. . The tunic is showing some moth traces aswell age but still beautiful for display!!

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