WW2 German Waffen-SS M44 Dot Pattern tunic


Waffen-SS Dot Pattern or Erbsentarn tunic Smooth cotton/twill.

Part of an amazing recent Dachau horde found in the belongings of an US Veteran. Very small infant sized Erbsentarn tunic in not often encountered Smooth Cotton/Twill fabric. Textbook construction with all the characteristics found with the typical Dachau/SS-Bekleidungswerke manufactured items of clothing. Typical glass-moulded tropical couloured buttons marked with JFS ’42. Internally with Grey/Blue coloured HBT cloth for bandage pocket/armpit aswell belt hooks carrying system. Beautiful textbook applied golden-tone W-SS Tropical sleeve-eagle. No size or other markings, but in an fantastic mint condition with stunning colours!

Also accompanying this grouping was an Issue from the famous Signal Magazine from 1944 with an interesting article about the 12th Waffen-SS Panzer-Division “Hitlerjugend/ Crack Babies” with some photographs containing images from very adolescent young SS Soldiers wearing Erbsentarn tunics during the Normandy Campaign. All with all an fantastic grouping with excellent provenance to booth!!!!

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