Consignment Sales

Our market knowledge ensures that assistance with valuation and pricing (if required), is current and up to date. In addition any item sold would have the opportunity to be offered with the backing of a RHJ Militaria Antiques Certificate of Authenticity (see separate COA page).

It is simple, please advise me of any German WW2 Collectible you wish to offer for sale, you will need to be able to send me one or two images, and the desired price, which in turn we can review between us, once accepted for consignment the item should be shipped, all shipping costs both from client to us and return postage in the event of a non sale to be covered by the consignor.

Commission rates for this service are as a guide as follows, however some flexibility is possible depending on the item.

– Value less than Eur € 1000:30% of the final sales price
– Value from Eur € 1000 – € 5000:17% of the final sales price
– Value from Eur € 5000 – € 10k:15% of the final sales price
– Value if over Eur € 10k:12% (or TBD) of the final sales price

RHJ Militaria Antiques reserves the right to decline any item that we consider to be not of appropriate condition or originality for Certification without explanation. No correspondence will be entered into in this regard.