WW2 German Waffen-SS 1st Model “Kharkov” Parka Sheepskin


WW2 German Waffen-SS 1st Model “Kharkov” Parka Sheepskin. Ultra rare 1st model parka in sheepskin, only an handfull known in collections worldwide! Nice worn in still beautifull condition with small hood. Fully lined in sheepskin aswell outer shell, because its untreated leather it tends to get dirty very fast as can be seen on some places. Original closing straps with urea buttons still in place, one button broken. These parka have provisions for schoulderboards. One small snag 1cm on the left arm inner side as can be seen on the photo’s.  Oakleaf Winner Waffen-SS Obersturmbannführer Max Schäfer wearing same parka as reference!

Stunning W-SS parka/anorak and have not seen another for sale in recent years!

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Weight 2 kg