WW2 German SS-Feldgendarmerie EM/NCO’s Cufftitle


WW2 German Waffen-SS Feldgendarmerie” EM/NCO’s Cufftitle. Thcis example is done in the “bevo-like” weave which is the only correct style. These pieces never had an RZM tag size is 46.3 cm.

Originally the Waffen SS-Feldgendarmerie personnel wore the Gothic script, army pattern Feldgendarmerie cufftitle, until a SS-Feldgendarmerie cufftitle was introduced in August 1942. The SS-Feldgendarmerie cufftitle was only manufactured in a unique, variant, BeVo-like weave. The SS-Feldgendarmerie cufftitle was abolished in November 1944.

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