WW2 German Non-reversible sumpftarn parka trousers & Suspenders


Original WW2 German Non-reversible sumpftarn parka trousers.  Non-Reversible ‘Sumpftarn’ Camouflage Winter Trousers (Tarnungs Hose). This camouflage pattern was designated ‘Sumpftarnmuster’ (tan/water pattern). The winter parka’s and trousers were standard issue items and were distributed to all EM/NCO’s for the winter season, (15 September to 15 April), with other winter garments and were to be returned to the units clothing depot in April for storage, repair and cleaning to be reissued the following September. The trousers are in an stone mintunworn  condition showing nice bright colours. The pants are nicely RB.Nr. 0/0456/0027 marked and size ‘2’ marked. They are complete with all original buttons. The trousers were designed large enough to fit over the standard service uniform and will fit a mannequin easily. Nice original pair in amazing condition and with an beautiful pair of Suspenders in matching colours!!!

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