German WW2 Luftwaffe ‘Drillich’ (HBT) M43 Field Blouse (Feldbluse).


German WW2 Luftwaffe ‘Drillich’ (HBT) M43 Field Blouse (Feldbluse).
The field blouse has four pockets with straight flaps and field-grey/blue finished, pebbled metal buttons. There is a six-button front closure using the same type of buttons and has an lay flat collar with a metal hook and loop neck closure.
The tunic has buttons and loops for slip-on shoulder boards including an nice pair of schoulderboards for an Feldwebel (Sergeant) Flak Regiment 14.
The field blouse is complete with an original machine-sewn ‘Drillich’ (HBT) type Luftwaffe breast eagle, perfectly matching the tunic.
The interior is unlined, with grey rayon used for reinforcements at the seams and the small bandage pocket on the lower right. The field blouse has faint size markings on the closure seam and maker marked with an’0/0456/0031′ on the bandage pouch.
The field blouse is in an worn condition with some wear spots aswell fraying of the collar.  Helmet not included 😉

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